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Dental Fillings

Fillings are the most common dental procedure thats performed in any dental office. When you have a cavity or decay your dentist removes/drills it and fills the hole with fillings.

Fillings are two types:

  • Tooth colored filling or Composite
  • Silver fillings or Amalgam
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    Silver fillings might have existed since hundred years, they are also called amalgam fillings. It consists of silver and Mercury.

    The Advantages of amalgam fillings are:

  • They are less expensive
  • Lesser technique sensitivity when restoring a tooth.

  • The disadvantages of amalgam fillings are:

  • Does not match your natural teeth color
  • Over time these cause cracks in your teeth by expanding
  • They are ugly looking and dark in color and
  • It consists of Mercury and may cause mercury toxicity

  • Colored Fillings

    On the other hand, tooth colored fillings or white fillings are much more natural looking fillings. These are Hi-Tech Dental materials and have helped dentist to shy away from amalgam fillings. They come in different shades.

    The various advantages of tooth colored fillings are:

  • The tooth structure nor the gums stain
  • They seal the tooth really well
  • They do not crack the tooth
  • They look just like your natural tooth

  • The disadvantages of tooth colored fillings are:

  • That it takes more time and its technique sensitive
  • Its expensive
  • Some insurance dont want to pay for white fillings