Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Can you imagine a proposition of losing your tooth and living without it? We’re going to take a leap and say, no! Our teeth are very important in maintaining our overall appearance and giving us the confidence to smile. Root Canal Therapy can help you save or repair your decaying tooth and reviving them in order to maintain a healthy set of jaw.

Root Canal Treatment is done to repair the tooth that is prone to infection or is undergoing decay. A Root Canal Therapy includes the removal of the nerve and the pulp of the tooth, to ensure proper cleaning, so that these tissues do not infect the tooth completely. They are very critical in reviving the health of the tooth and bring it back to its normal functionality. With years of experience, Dr Sam specializes in carrying out thousands of successful root canal procedures, thereby relieving our patients of root canal pain.

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Why should I get a Root Canal Treatment?

The most obvious answer to the question could be that if you experience any kind of dental discomfort or dental pain, it is best advised to book an appointment with our office at Hartford, so we could examine the tooth and suggest the best course of action. Here are a few reasons why root canal treatment may be necessary. In case of swelling in the jaw, as they may spread to your face and neck, if left unattended. If there is any decay or damage in the tooth. The pulp is removed and cleaned to ensure that there isn’t any bone damage while carrying out the treatment.

What happens in the procedure?

A root canal treatment may require one or more visits to the dental office, depending on the extent of the damage or decay that is caused on the tooth. The first step of the process would require for the dentist to examine the teeth thoroughly and take an X-ray to identify the extent of the damage that is caused in the tooth.

Post the examination, we may administer anaesthesia to ensure you are comfortable and there is no pain during the procedure. Following this, a rubber dam may be placed, to ensure that the area where root canal therapy is carried out would remain dry.

An access hole may be drilled, as that the pulp and nerves can be reached and the cleaning can be carried out. Our dentist would then clean the nerve and pulp and rid them of any infection or abscess that may exist in the tooth. Once the cleaning is done, we may cover the tooth with a temporary cap and the tooth to recover. The number of visits required may purely depend on the health of the tooth and the extent of decay or damage.

Are they expensive?

Traditionally, Root Canal Treatment are not very expensive. Crest Family Dental is known to make root canal therapy affordable, while providing uncompromising dental care to rid of any root canal pain that you have. If there is any kind of dental discomfort that you, call us now to book your appointments!

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