5 Reasons for Tooth Extraction

5 Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Your baby teeth may have fallen out years ago, but your adult teeth are meant to be permanent. They may not last a lifetime if you do not adhere to proper dental care standards or visit your Crest Family Dental dentist regularly. While our goal is to make your teeth last forever, there are situations that make extracting teeth a necessity for your oral and overall health.

Damage that cannot be repaired by a dentist in your area may cause issues in the future if it is left untreated. If a root canal, filling, or some other method of repair cannot maintain the stability of the tooth then it will need to be removed. Any of the following can warrant the removal of a tooth:

Advanced Gum Disease

If you develop gingivitis and do not get treatment, gum diseases can cause pockets to form in the gums. The tissues will begin to pull away from the root of teeth, loosening the affected teeth. If your teeth are loose, their removal may be necessary.

Tooth Trauma or Injury

Your tooth can be injured in any type of accident that occurs while playing sports of performing other activities. It can become fractures or broken, which your dentist will attempt to repair. If it is deemed a repair cannot be successfully completed, your teeth may be removed and replaced with an artificial tooth.

Excessive Decay

Decay that penetrates the inner layers of teeth can cause them to die. Root canal treatment is one way to save teeth, but if the infection is severe or if the tooth is damaged too much, it will need an extraction.

Prior to Orthodontics

Many patients that need orthodontic treatment will need to have a tooth, or several, removed so that orthodontic treatment can be effective.

Wisdom Teeth Threat

Wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth. They are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth, but they can cause problems that result in their removal.

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