7 Common Myths About Teeth You Need to Know

7 Common Myths About Teeth You Need to Know

Good oral health is a crucial aspect of overall human health, however, during a span of time, a lot of myths have created lot of confusions in the minds of the people. Let us throw come light on few such myths about teeth.

  1. “I should brush my teeth only after breakfast”
  2. Everyone usually thinks one should brush after breakfast. The real problem is plaque which forms throughout the night. By the morning, one has enough number of bacteria that creates the plaque, which forms the acid.

  3. “A hard toothbrush cleans better”
  4. Hard Bristles toothbrush can actually do more harm to your teeth than good. If one has sensitive gums, a hard toothbrush can further aggravate the problem.

  5. Don’t Brush or Floss if Your Gums are Bleeding
  6. In this case, teeth will develop a coat of dental plaque, which contains bacteria and this will cause swelling, redness, and bleeding in gums.

  7. “You don’t have to take care of milk teeth”
  8. It is quite usual for people to have callous attitude towards milk teeth as they are “temporary” and is usually replaced by the permanent teeth eventually. But, if cavities in milk teeth persists, they may have to be removed before they are meant to fall off. This can make permanent teeth shift and prevent them from erupting properly.

  9. “I don’t have to visit the dentist if nothing hurts”
  10. Many people believe that if there is no pain, discomfort or bleeding of the gums, then it is a sign of a good health, but sometimes cavities and tooth decay are often hidden inside. Pain usually starts when the decay has reached the inner layer the deeper layer.

Two Notable Bizarre Myths

  • Dreams of Teeth Falling Out- This strange superstition is of the most common dreams people report. Some people believe it signifies a time of “rebirth” in someone’s life, while others believe it indicates personal insecurities.
  • Teeth cannot be extracted between 12 to 1 pm as it will result in bleeding.

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