We thank you for choosing Crest Family Dental as your Hartford area dentist. We appreciate the families you refer to our practice. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is located directly in front of our dental office. We share similar goals in improving the health of our patients through family-centered oral care and education.

Crest Family Dental is a family practice we see patients at all ages from his early as one-year-old. We highly recommend that you bring your child in for their first dental visit at age 1 to begin adopting quality care and cleaning habits for your child’s future oral health.

We know that your families are precious, and they are to us too. At Crest Family Dental, we have tips and techniques on making your child’s dental experience. We love to see your family grow happy and healthy after ever regular visit with us. Our caring and compassionate team in Hartford will gain the trust of your child to make them feel as comfortable as can with every regular visit. The reward for you is to have a dental home that your family loves. Our reward is seeing your child grow healthy and happy after every visit.

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