Dental Implants

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What are Dental Implants?

They way implants are placed depends on the patient, the type of implant, and the tooth being replaced. Treatment can take only one day, or it can take several months, or somewhere in between. We’ll outline a treatment plan that is most likely to be successful for you. There are three general phases of implant treatment:

• They can help you chew better

• They can help fill out a face that could look “sunken” because of missing teeth

• Dental Implants can prevent further bone loss in the jaw

• They are the closest thing to natural teeth

How are implants placed?

Implants are posts surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw. The implants become a stable base for one or more replacement teeth. They function as anchors that replace your natural tooth roots. Implants are made of titanium and other materials that are compatible with human body. Patients may choose dental implants to replace a single tooth, several teeth or to support partial or full dentures. Here are some of the main reasons people get implants:

Implant Placement: The dentist surgically places the implant into the jaw. There may be some swelling and / or pain after the surgery, so pain medication can be prescribed. We may also suggest you to stick to soft foods while the area heals.

Healing: The implant attaches to the bone through a process called osseointegration, which means “combines with the bone”. Some patients might need to wait until the implant is completely integrated, up to several months, before replacement teeth can be attached to the implant. Others may have their implants and replacement teeth placed all in one visit.

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Replacing your missing teeth: If you are getting a single implant, we will customize a new tooth for you, called a crown. Implant-supported bridges or dentures are also made to fit your mouth and your implants. Once completed, the man-made teeth are attached to the implant posts. The prosthesis usually takes some time to make. We may give you a temporary crown, bridge or dentures in the meantime.

Types of Implants

Single Tooth Implant

A single tooth implant replaces the missing tooth’s roots. It is a stand-alone unit and does not involve treating the teeth next to it.

Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge replaces the lost natural teeth and some of the tooth roots when more than one tooth is missing. Unlike traditional bridges, an implant-supported bridge does not need support from the teeth next to it.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you are missing all of your teeth, an implant-supported denture can replace the missing teeth and some of the tooth roots. Because the bone in your jaw actually grows around the implants, an implant-supported denture tends to be comfortable and stable. This allows you to bite and chew naturally.

Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implants hartford

Implants offer firm support to natural teeth and have many benefits, including these:

• Implants won’t slip or shift in your mouth. This is very important for eating and speaking normally.

• Implants feel more natural than removable partial or conventional complete dentures because of their secure fit.

• A single tooth implant is a stand—alone unit and doesn’t involve treating the teeth next to it

• Implants help to preserve the bone after teeth are lost or removed.

• Implants are a good value. They may seem like a more expensive option at first, but they can last a lifetime if you take good care of them.

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  • Amazing experience for my first visit at crest family dental. From the moment I walked in the door, The office manager Marie was very welcoming and friendly with great conversation. Jessie was probably the most gentle hygienist I’ve ever had and gave great recommendations and Dr. Sam was kind and knowledgeable and very clear and concise on what was needed. Definitely would recommend this group to anyone in need of a dentist in the area!

    Nikki T
  • Outstanding service from check in to check out. Organized and smooth transition. Dr. Sam is very kind and takes time to explain the procedure. I was very anxious and Dr. Sam gave me time to adjust and the whole proces was effortless.

    Nicole Smith
  • had an overall great experience. Maddy was exceptionally helpful and warm. Helped me with all necessary information to ensure i had no hiccups throughout the process. Dr. Sam OMG!! Made me feel so comfortable during my procedure. Best dental experience in my life, hands down. I would recommend to everyone. You will not regret it!!!

    Kerry-Ann Pryce

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