Give Dad a Smile Makeover For Father’s Day

Give Dad a Smile Makeover For Father’s Day

If your dad is shy about his damaged or decayed teeth, smile makeover can be the best gift for this father’s day. Smile makeover may address all his dental need and help restore his smile once again.

In such cases, it is always better to consult an expert dentist to know which could be the best treatment for your dad.

Dad deserves the best

If your father is not happy about his smile and is embarrassed about his dental condition, smile makeover can be best gift for him. If he hides his teeth and wishes to obtain white and bright smile, smile makeover can actually help.

A smile makeover explained

People often wonder whether they can get back their smile or not, this is pretty simple with advanced procedures of Smile Makeover. Few of them are:

Teeth whitening – If your father has stained or discolored tooth, teeth whitening solutions is best for him. He may either visit clinic for best solution or may obtain whitening tray for home.

Dental veneers – Veneers can be best solutions for dental issues like cracked, chipped or stained teeth. It can also correct issues such as tooth gaps and uneven tooth structure.

Tooth bonding – Made up of composite resins bonding can repair small flaws. It can correct gaps, stains, cracks and worn out teeth issue.

Gum reshaping – If your father has gummy smile, gum reshaping can actually help. It helps achieve a balance in teeth and gum ratio for better appearance.

Combine cosmetic procedures with dental restoration

  • Dental crowns with bridges – Crown can repair and straighten teeth and bridges can fill the gap to achieve a full look.
  • Dental implants – Implants can be used to correct jawbone defect to achieve proper functions.
  • Root canal therapy – This therapy is used in case when an infection has lead to damage.
  • Inlays and Onlays – This is a customized dental solution that can repair extreme damage and decay.
  • Other surgical technique – Further, damage and decayed can also be treated with other surgical techniques.

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