Grinding teeth: The risks and treatment options:

Grinding teeth: The risks and treatment options:

KnowingTooth grinding or Bruxism is a fairly common condition. There are a number of people who regularly grind their teeth or clench their teeth and when this begins to occur more frequently this can often lead to compromised oral health as well as a number of other complications.

Tooth grinding can occur due to a number of different reasons and it’s most often caused by anxiety and stress. For the most part tooth grinding will occur most commonly when a person is sleeping. This grinding sensation sometimes gets caused by crooked teeth or an abnormal bite. As a person continues to sleep they will regularly try to adjust their jaw to get comfortable. Grinding of teeth can also be a major symptom of the disorder sleep apnea.

Usually a dentist can recognize quite easily if a person is grinding their teeth from the signs that are present with their oral health. Recognizing that you are grinding your teeth could mean regularly experiencing a constant headache, problems with a sore jaw when you wake up and more. Your partner may also notice that you are grinding your teeth at night and this is cause for concern.

Speaking to your dentist if you think you are regularly grinding your teeth is important. Developing a plan for tooth grinding is important as it can often lead to the loss of teeth or the fracturing of teeth through the intensive grinding process.

One of the most common treatment options for tooth grinding is installing a mouth guard that can protect teeth while you are asleep. To fit this mouthguard an impression is commonly created of your teeth so that they can be covered and protected. Some dietary changes can also work to reduce tooth grinding. Reducing your consumption of caffeine, alcohol and more can be of great assistance. A dentist can also sometimes provide you with some instructions on how to relax your jaw muscles by pressing a washcloth along your cheek before bed.

If you think you may be grinding your teeth or you have a loved one that is grinding their teeth, you should consider contacting your dentist immediately.

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