How Can Smile Makeover Help in Achieving That Hollywood Smile?

How Can Smile Makeover Help in Achieving That Hollywood Smile?

Most people would love to improve their smile if given a chance, as there is a significant percentage of people who don’t like how their smile appears. Having a good smile adds charm to your personality. Your smile is very much a part of your appearance and it is obvious for you to want a great-looking smile that makes you an instant head-turner.

The good news is that you can improve your smile by addressing your dental flaws. The cosmetic dentistry allows you to get that perfect smile with the help of various procedures. The tooth coloration can be done by veneers, and teeth alignment and spacing can be addressed by Invisalign. The cosmetic dentistry can also correct your gummy smile and chipped teeth so that you can achieve a Hollywood smile. Let’s have a look at the popular smile makeover options.

  • Invisalign

If you are not happy with your misaligned and crooked teeth, the Invisalign can be a better option than traditional braces. Invisalign is made of clear plastic and hence they don’t make the wearer embarrassed. They help in straightening the teeth but in a more esthetically appealing way.

They are not even visible from a distance and are an ideal choice for teenagers and adults. They need to be worn daily for at least 20 to 22 hours and the duration of the treatment can be somewhere between 12 to 18 months depending on the individual case. The Invisalign is not only more appealing, but it is also more comfortable and safe as there is no risk of injuries from the wires poking which was common in conventional braces.

  • Veneers

The veneers have a versatile approach and are one of the best ways of addressing several dental issues. They are a thin layer of porcelain shell which is custom made and fits on each tooth for improving their appearance and hiding the dental flaws. The veneers are a quick solution for improving the shape, position, and color of the teeth.

If you have a chipped tooth, the veneer can make it look perfect and tall. When teeth whitening doesn’t work for the removal of stains, the veneers come to the rescue. They look natural and yet offer a bright and whitened smile. The misaligned and crooked teeth can also appear normal as they get hidden behind the veneers. The veneers not only improve the smile but also offer strength to the individual tooth. Only minimal scrapping of enamel is required for attaching the veneers to them.

  • Composite Bonding

Bonding is the application of tooth-colored composite resin for repairing a decayed, chipped, discolored, or fractured tooth. It can make your teeth look longer. The composite bonding can also be used as an alternative to the amalgam fillings. It is a quick solution for improving the smile as the procedure can be done in a single visit only. This procedure is one of the easiest and least expensive cosmetic dental procedures. The composite resin can be shaped and polished for matching with the rest of your teeth. It can also be used for closing space between the teeth.

  • Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are discolored and stained, teeth whitening can be a great alternative. The whitening procedure offers up to several shades brighter and whiter teeth. It is very quick and can be performed within an hour. The dentist first cleans your teeth followed by applying a whitening gel on them. The gel can be reapplied until the time you receive sparkling white teeth.

There is another whitening method as well, such as laser whitening or the power whitening. It can be done within two to three weeks. At-home dental whitening trays are also popular but they take longer and don’t offer as white teeth as professional whitening at the dental clinic does.

  • Gum Contouring

Some people have a gummy smile and their teeth appear smaller. This condition can be addressed by the gum contouring. The dentist will reshape your gums in a way that more of your tooth becomes visible. This will help you in achieving a perfect smile that you may have been dreaming about for a long time.

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