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Dental emergencies are unpleasant and distressing. Dental Pain may occur at any moment, hence preparing for a dental emergency is not only difficult, but also impractical. However, there are few important factors that could be considered on occasion of toothache. In such cases, one should consider rushing to a dentist almost instantaneously to ensure tooth pain relief. Here are some of the most prominent tips that could come in handy while deciding to choose the best dentist for dental pain.

The proximity of the dental office

Since the situation on hand is to treat an immediate toothache, it is best advised to look up a dentist nearby your local area, to ensure quick tooth pain relief. Ideally, the proximity of the dentist you might prefer to look for, in these circumstances should be accessible within a 20-30 minute drive. Approaching a dentist near you, could help you get rid of the dental pain at the earliest.

Book an appointment in advance

Imagine rushing into a dental office for someone to tend to your toothache, and realizing that you’ve been put into a wait time! Ideally, it is best advised to call the dental office you’re looking to go for, and booking an appointment well in advance. This would ensure avoiding any wait time and quick tooth pain relief.

Quality care and Facilities

The last thing one would want is to rush into choosing a dentist, who instead of treating your dental pain, makes it worse! It is important to screen the quality of dental care offered by the office. This could be done using the reviews posted by their patients on platforms like google, facebook, etc. Another alternative is to read their patient testimonials to understand the quality of services offered. Crest Family Dental has been a preferred dental care centre for all the residents of Hartford, apart from tending to patients from the neighbouring areas.


How often have we heard about hospitals and dental offices misusing an emergency to overcharge you for the services rendered? It is quite essential for one to consider the prices of a dentist to treat a dental emergency before eventually deciding to side with the dental office. Crest Family Dental in Hartford, CT has been offering its patients emergency dental care for their toothache at merely $59. We have been providing quality dental care in Hartford to ensure comprehensive tooth pain relief.

Does the office accept your insurance?

In usual cases, dental pain may be caused due to a few underlying factors that may require further visits and a comprehensive treatment plan. Hence, it is recommended to check with the dentist during the first call if they accept the insurance you have. This would ensure you can completely address the concerns and get complete tooth pain relief. At Crest Family Dental, we accept all PPO insurances, to allow our patients the best chances of getting rid of their toothache.

With all the latest PPO gear, Crest Family Dental is back to offering the best dental care for dental emergency. Please call our office before visiting to book appointments.

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Patient Reviews

  • Amazing experience for my first visit at crest family dental. From the moment I walked in the door, The office manager Marie was very welcoming and friendly with great conversation. Jessie was probably the most gentle hygienist I’ve ever had and gave great recommendations and Dr. Sam was kind and knowledgeable and very clear and concise on what was needed. Definitely would recommend this group to anyone in need of a dentist in the area!

    Nikki T
  • Outstanding service from check in to check out. Organized and smooth transition. Dr. Sam is very kind and takes time to explain the procedure. I was very anxious and Dr. Sam gave me time to adjust and the whole proces was effortless.

    Nicole Smith
  • had an overall great experience. Maddy was exceptionally helpful and warm. Helped me with all necessary information to ensure i had no hiccups throughout the process. Dr. Sam OMG!! Made me feel so comfortable during my procedure. Best dental experience in my life, hands down. I would recommend to everyone. You will not regret it!!!

    Kerry-Ann Pryce

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