How to Convince Children to Overcome Their Fear of Dentists?

How to Convince Children to Overcome Their Fear of Dentists?

Visiting a dentist is not a normal part of a child’s life and he or she will be fearful and scary. Children believe it is the same as going to a physician and experiencing vaccinations and a dentist will treat them similarly. Thankfully, a pediatric dentist belongs to a different category and is truly capable of managing children appropriately.

The fear of the dentist will not go away from the minds of children until parents are willing to be good role models for their child. They should be taking the child to the children and family dentistry with them whenever they are scheduled for routine cleaning. Let the child witness the entire procedure while talking to him or her about what the dentist is doing. Smiling about the procedure will also help because it gives the child the feeling that the procedure is comfortable. Another habit that also proves beneficial is to brush and floss in front of the child every day to teach the child good oral hygiene habits while also attempting to help the child engage in their habits by brushing every day.

Reading Books about Dentistry

Children can easily be put at ease with colorful books and finding one talking about going to a dentist will not difficult to find. These books generally outline what happens at the dentist’s office to show children funny characters in various situations to make them believe going to the dentist is fun and should be looked forward to. A visit to the dentist in Hartford just for fun will encourage the child to become involved with dentistry.

Comforting and Distracting the Child

Going to a dentist means being away from their favorite toys or any other items of comfort to the child. This often leads to tears causing an unsuccessful trip to the dentist’s office. These situations can easily be prevented by discussing with the dentist to understand if one of the parents can accompany the child inside the treatment room during the first visit. Children’s dentists are usually familiar with such situations and even allow the child to carry his or her favorite toy to soothe them in the dentist’s chair. Attempting to make the child happy by talking or joking with them is also a suggestion that is provided.

Positive Reinforcement Also Helps

Children will not understand the benefits of going to the dentist and the rewards it brings them in the form of beautiful teeth, good oral hygiene habits throughout their life and a healthy smile. Parents are suggested to maximize the benefits by offering some positive rewards. Pediatric dentists are handing out small toys and stickers to children after a visit. Keeping the child interested in the small gifts they will receive if they cooperate during the dental visit when getting their teeth cleaned will keep the child encouraged. Alternatively, the child can be offered an extra treat like visiting a place he or she loves after the dental visit is over will also prove beneficial. Parents can consider taking the children to their favorite toy shops or bowling alley to have some fun making them believe a dentist visit is nothing but fun that will be coming their way as long as they keep cooperating during the visits. The goal should be to keep the child interested in getting something after visiting the dentist which he or she will be looking forward to.

When To Take the Child for the First Dental Visit

Dental care for a child must begin immediately after they are born. Children will not display any teeth at that time but will have a full set of teeth beneath the gums. Cleaning the gums every day should be the beginning of the dental care offered to the child.

Baby teeth begin to erupt at around six months when parents must take the child to a pediatric dentist for exams. Plaque and tartar won’t be visible on the child’s teeth at that stage but will begin to develop gradually bringing upon the parent the need to make regular visits to the pediatric dentist to check for tooth decay or cavities. Surprising as it may sound children as young as two years have developed cavities and needed fillings. Therefore visiting the children’s dentist should be a priority for parents from the earliest stages. Delaying the matter or ignoring the dental care the child needs will not just hurt the oral hygiene of the child but also the overall health which should be avoided at all costs.

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