I have bad breath even with brushing and flossing:

I have bad breath even with brushing and flossing:

If you are struggling with bad breath even if you are regularly flossing and brushing it can be tough to know exactly what to do. Your dentist as well as a variety of informative sources have likely told you to continue brushing and flossing to improve your oral health and prevent bad breath.

Ultimately, bad breath is caused by bacteria and this is not always at the fault of an individual that practices quality oral hygiene. Although bad breath is commonly associated with problems with brushing or flossing there are some other causes that can continue to contribute to bad breath.

Coffee drinking: coffee can not only severely stained teeth but it also can contribute to bad breath. Regular coffee drinkers may notice that there is a residue that tends to stick to gums, the lining of the mouth as well as to teeth. Cutting back on coffee drinking or regularly brushing after having coffee can help to prevent this coating effect.

Health factors: a number of health factors can also result in bad breath. If a person is suffering from liver disease, diabetes, sinus infections, allergies or even gallbladder problems this can often lead to bad breath. Certain types of medication can also contribute to dry mouth, bacteria growth and bad breath.

An easy way that you can work at improving bad breath in addition to brushing and flossing could be picking up a tongue scraper. This tool is used to scrape residue off of your tongue and work at improving oral health further by removing extra plaque and bacteria that can build up on your tongue. This can often resolve bad breath problems for about 50% of people that still experience it with brushing and flossing. Visiting your dentist could be the next step if you continue to experience bad breath symptoms.

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