Reasons Why You Should Replace Crowns and Dental Fillings

Reasons Why You Should Replace Crowns and Dental Fillings

Even if you maintain a good brushing and flossing routine,

You are prone to tooth decay caused by bacteria says the dentist near you. When this happens, dental fillings and crowns are suggested by the dentist as treatment for decay. These procedures not only help in treating the decayed tooth but also wear and tear and beauty issues.

When these restoration options get broken or chipped, the teeth get openings that are accessible to teeth decay. A toothbrush may not help you much when removing the bacteria that hide in the gaps caused by broken filers and dental caps says the Hartford dentist. This results in multiplication of bacteria. When the decay is left untreated, it infects the dental pulp and when it is infected, you will need a filling or else you may lose your tooth.

When the restorations fracture, they cause a lot of pain and can also be costly. It is important to be in touch with your dentist for dental appointments as that they can check and find out any broken fillers or restorations.

Crown replacement

The dental caps can be an ideal option for treating the following:

  • A broken tooth
  • A misshaped teeth
  • Restoring teeth that need brightening or has discolored
  • Replacing an old one that no longer fits

You may need to replace them in case of cracks or chips, which encourage tooth decay and pain. Also with the passage of time, the crown discolors and the edges may become weak thereby chipping off. When this happens, a replacement is required.

Fillings replacement

Fillers can be used for following:

  • Bring a more natural look
  • Restore the strength of damaged teeth
  • Close the gaps between the teeth
  • Reshape uneven or short teeth

You can only change your fillings when the dentist decides there is a need. It is important to observe this to make sure that you don’t damage your teeth by trying to remove the old fillers. Today you can find fillers n different types of materials. The dentist will help in choosing the right material for fillers.

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