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root canal treatment hartford

Rid your tooth of infection and decay!

Root Canal Treatment or RCT is done to get rid of the infection that occurs inside the tooth. The procedure is painless and is done under anesthetic. Dentist removes all the infection in the tooth so that it does not cause pain or sensitivity to cold or hot things. Consult our Hartford office today to get a root canal done, and rid yourself from the risk of any future infections

Is Root Canal, a complicated procedure?

Absolutely not !! We would make sure we do this procedure when you are very very numb so that you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. At Crest Family Dental, we have all the latest tools to make sure this procedure as simple and painless as possible. Our experienced dentist will make sure they hear your concern and take care of your problems immediately

Patient Reviews

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Kayla O

Love going to crest family dentist I always have a great experience and I’ve been to many dentist but the only one that really stuck to me is crest the employee are always so nice and Dr. Sam is always gentle and really cares about your teeth, even my daughter loves it there and when she went to crest she was only 6 and did great. Thank you for being the best dentist!!

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Keven K

I moved to CT from Maine and was worried about finding a great dentist like what I had experienced before. Not only is Crest Family one of the best I have been to, they treat with care and understanding of concerns most have with a dentist. They are very welcoming and friendly and I would recommend them to anyone searching for a dentist.

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Nikki T

Amazing experience for my first visit.. From the moment I walked in the door, they were very welcoming and friendly with great conversation. Jessie was probably the most gentle hygienist I’ve ever had and gave great recommendations. Dr. Sam was kind and knowledgeable, very clear and concise on what was needed. Definitely would recommend anyone in need of a dentist in the area!