Dental Fillings Treatment in Hartford, CT

By the time we reach our twenties, most people have had at least one cavity. In order to prevent the cavity from progressing and becoming worse, here at Crest Family Dental we recommend a dental filling. This consists of our dentists removing the decayed tissue and filling the now clean cavity with a filling material. If you need a cavity filled in Hartford, CT read on to find out more about this process.

The Filling Process

Your dentist at Crest Family Dental will have identified your cavity by taking X-rays. Prior to filling the cavity, your dentist will numb the surrounding area with a local anesthetic. At times, laughing gas or another anesthetic can be provided. This lessens the discomfort felt during the procedure. Then the decayed matter will be removed, and your dentist will then fill it with a filling. Although your mouth will remain numb for a few hours after, don’t be alarmed. This will wear off soon and will not have any lasting effects.

Types of Fillings

There are currently four main types of fillings used for cavities. Silver Amalgam fillings are the most common. They are cheap and long-lasting, making them a popular choice among patients and doctors alike. If properly cared for, these fillings can last up to 15 years. Composite fillings are also a popular choice for more cosmetic reasons. These fillings can be made to match the color of your teeth and have a more natural appearance. These can last up to five years and are more expensive than the silver fillings. Porcelain fillings are first made in a lab and then later bonded to the tooth. These can also be made to match the color of your tooth and are stain resistant. Gold fillings are least popular of the four types of fillings due to the high price point. Although these fillings can last more than 15 years, it is difficult to find a dentist who offers them.

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Although we sometimes cannot control the onset of a cavity, we can deal with them accordingly. If you need a cavity filled in Hartford, CT, come into Crest Family Dental today. Our dentists would be happy to meet with you and determine what type of filling best meet your dental needs.

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