Emergency Dentistry in Hartford, CT

Are you experiencing severe dental pain or a broken tooth? Don’t panic? Crest Family Dental at Hartford, CT for emergency assistance! Our practice is available to take phone calls 24/7, which means that Dr. Shyam Shivareddy finds time for you on the same day as your initial call in most cases to provide the relief you desperately need. Our personalized individual care can help you stay calm and comfortable throughout your visit.

So what constitutes a dental emergency? Our team trusts your judgment in these cases, but if you are still unsure, here are some of the most common situations we consider urgent:

Broken teeth, Severe toothache, Abscess or Infection, Lost filling or crown Denture Repairs, Moderate oral bleeding while many dental emergencies can’t be avoided, there are some tips patients can follow to protect themselves and their smiles. Be careful when eating particularly hard or sticky foods, and we highly recommend not to chew the ice in your drink. Always wear a mouth guard when participating in athletic activities. Don’t use your teeth to open difficult packaging? stick with scissors.

If you are experiencing heavy oral bleeding or a broken jaw, Contact our Hartford, CT office right away to schedule emergency care as soon as possible. Dr. Shyam Shivareddy can assist you immediately by correcting any damaged or lost teeth you experienced in the accident. We are here for you! Patients from West Hartford, East Hartford, Bloomfield, Windsor, South Windsor, Manchester, Glastonbury, Rocky Hill, Newington, Farmington, Wethersfield, and surrounding areas are always welcome.

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