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Unlike your baby teeth, once you grow in your “adult” teeth, you don’t get any more. Because of this, the dentists and surgeons at Crest Family Dental in Hartford, CT do everything they can to keep teeth healthy and intact as long as possible. Despite one’s best efforts, there are times and situations that call for the removal of one’s tooth. This process is called “exodontics”, or more commonly, “dental extraction”. What does this involve and when would an extraction be needed?

Why Would I Need a Tooth Extraction?

The most common reasons for tooth extraction are damage, crowded teeth, and infection.


Damage is the most common reason people need a tooth extracted. Often this damage is caused by decay. If the decay is so extensive that simply removing the decay and filling the cavity is not reasonable, then the tooth may require extraction. Other causes of such damage could include any sort of physical trauma.

Crowded Teeth

If your teeth have grown in misaligned, this may result in crowding. If crowding is bad enough, a tooth may be removed to make room for the others.


Decay, fractures, and other conditions can allow bacteria to reach places that are not easily cleaned. If that happens, a serious infection may reach your dental nerves requiring the removal of the tooth.

Dental Extractions

The extraction of a tooth is typically a very simple process. Unlike many surgical operations, an extraction can be done in a short amount of time all without putting the patient to sleep with anesthesia. Your dentist will start by numbing the area being operated on until no more pain can be felt. In some cases, some force may still be felt, but you should not experience any pain whatsoever. Then, if necessary, your dentist will clean and remove any obstructions to the operation. For instance, some gum tissue may block the proper removal of a tooth and need to be cut away. Once this is done, using a pair of forceps, your dentist will loosen the tooth by pushing and pulling it back and forth. Overall, this is a gentle process that shouldn’t cause any discomfort. Once the tooth is removed, your exposed gums will be covered over with gauze and allowed to clot, starting the healing process. If you think you may be in need of an extraction or simply have more questions visit our local Hartford dental clinic or call us at Crest Family Dental today!

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