Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Hartford, CT

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Sometimes in life we have unexpected surprises, and the need for wisdom tooth extraction can be one of those. Although it may seem inconvenient, this process can be vital for your oral health and overall tooth alignment. When looking into options for a dental team to help you through the process, it is important to choose the best team possible so the process can be smooth, hassle-free and lead to a better smile. At Crest Family Dental we’re happy to take care of your dental needs!

What are Wisdom Teeth?

As most of us go through a set of ‘baby’ teeth followed by a set of ‘adult’, permanent teeth, there is an additional set of teeth that comes in after the adult teeth that are commonly called ‘wisdom’ teeth. These teeth will come in behind the last molars in both the top and bottom jaws. Typically, wisdom teeth would function as additional molars but oftentimes they can cause problems with the alignment of the already present teeth. If there is not enough space for wisdom teeth, they will push the existing teeth forward in the jaw, causing misalignment and often pain or discomfort. In these cases, the best option for most is to have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent damage.

How do I know if I need to have my wisdom teeth extracted?

During your regular preventive visits your orthodontist will monitor the status of your wisdom teeth through visual examination and by taking x-rays. Although sometimes wisdom teeth do come in perfectly straight, oftentimes their appearance can pose a problem for the rest of your teeth. If it looks like your wisdom teeth will pose a problem for your future dental health, your orthodontist will likely begin the process of scheduling you for an extraction appointment.

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The need for a wisdom tooth extraction can come about suddenly, and you will need to find the most trustworthy orthodontist in the area for your surgical appointment. If you are looking for qualified professionals to take care of your surgery, call Crest Family Dentistry in Hartford, CT to schedule an appointment. Their friendly staff will help you schedule an appointment that works for you and work hard to protect your smile, so book an appointment today!

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